Il preparatore ha anche rivisto gli esterni

Se vi stuzzica l'idea di fare fuoristrada con gli amici, ma volete un'ambiente raffinato, allora date un'occhiata alla versione di Hofele della Classe G63 AMG. Questa elaborazione permette di equipaggiare l'auto con tre file di sedili e sei posti. Il modello conserva il motore V8 bi-turbo da 4,0 litri di serie, che produce 577 cavalli 850 Nm.

All'esterno, Hofele ha installato un nuovo paraurti anteriore che presenta finiture cromate e in fibra di carbonio. Anche i parafanghi sono in carbonio e in più arriva anche una barra luminosa sopra il parabrezza, disponibile con finitura cromata, in carbonio o dello stesso colore della carrozzeria. Ciliegina sulla torta, che forse esclude quanto detto in apertura, il SUV monta ruote da 24".

Ancora di più

Hofele offre anche pedane laterali brevettate retraibili elettricamente. Questi elementi incorporano anche gli scarichi laterali della G63 e i tubi si muovono con i gradini perché altrimenti sarebbero d'intralcio. Il preparatore offre anche porte posteriori ad apertura più ampia per un accesso ancora più facile.

Fotogallery: Hofele, 6 posti per la Classe G

All'interno, il tuner sostituisce il layout standard a due file con un totale di sei posti in tre file. Hofele ammette che quelli nella parte posteriore sono un po' angusti e "più adatti a bambini o adulti non troppo alti". Le sedute dell'ultima fila sono anche rimovibili, nel caso i proprietari volessero guadagnare un po' di spazio in più per i bagagli.

Oltre il premium

L'intero abitacolo è ricoperto in pelle Berry Red con una complessa trama delle cuciture sui sedili. Sui sedili non mancano inserti in Alcantara antracite. Su cruscotto e tunnel centrale non manca poi la fibra di carbonio. 

I clienti interessati possono portare la propria Classe G a Hofele per operare questa conversione. La società è anche partner di Mercedes, quindi in alcuni paesi europei si può acquistare questo modello direttamente da Hofele e verrebbe comunque fornito con una garanzia ufficiale.

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HOFELE HG Sport – based on the Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG

HOFELE enhances the Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG - Over the past 40 years the G-Wagon has evolved from a utility & military 4x4 vehicle to what it is today. The latest and greatest version is the iconic G63 AMG. The G-Wagon has long been a favourite for those who like to be different and stand out from the crowd. Unlike some of the companies modifying and enhancing the G-Wagon, HOFELE does not change the mechanical specifications or increase the power output, this means the original performance and emissions for the G63 AMG remain as the factory intended.

HOFELE-Design is an authorised contractual partner for Mercedes-Benz AG. and their work follows the guidelines set by Mercedes-Benz, this means that the factory warranty for the base vehicles remain unaffected for the countries that HOFELE is authorised by Mercedes-Benz to supply new vehicles to. Base vehicles for enhancement by HOFELE are supplied direct to HOFELE by Mercedes-Benz AG in the correct country specific specification.   

HOFELE has a design enhancement language based on the phrase “Elegant, Sophisticated with a touch of Sportiness”.

HOFELE have completely re-designed the front bumper of the G-Wagon and includes elements in carbon fibre and dark shadow chrome, the HOFELE front bumper wraps around to the extended   multi-contoured wheel arches manufactured in carbon fibre. On the vehicle shown the real carbon fibre is partly exposed and contrasts with the exterior paint finish.

A low-profile roof shield above the front windscreen integrates LED beam lights and the original front grille and the Mercedes-Benz Star have been replaced by the HOFELE signature grille design that can be supplied in a choice of chrome, carbon or body colour finishes. The HOFELE HG Sport is fitted with the HOFELE designed exclusive 24” Cross Spoke forged alloy wheels.

What we think is a world’s first for the G63 are the “full length” HOFELE Electrically Deployable Side Steps. The original G63 has side exit exhausts which would normally interfere with the use of electric side steps. HOFELE has solved this issue with a unique and patented solution – the side exit exhausts move with the side steps as they lower into place. A clever engineering solution that solves a problem with the standard G63 in that rear passengers have a difficult and less than dignified step-up into the vehicle and an even more difficult exit. The full length electrically deployable Side Steps and HOFELE’s optional extra-wide opening rear doors are a very practical improvement.

Other HOFELE design features to the exterior include carbon-fibre components such as the unique cover for the rear door mounted spare wheel. 

We now have a look at the interior, this is very interesting – HOFELE have replaced the standard five seat arrangement and designed, manufactured and installed six seats in three rows, the rear most two seats are certainly more suitable for children or smaller adults and there is obviously a compromise of luggage space but these two last row seats can be quite easily removed when required. It is not only the number of seats that have received the attention of HOFELE, the whole interior benefits from a complete enhancement.

The standard Mercedes-Benz leather has been replaced with fully BESPOKE special, in this case a “Berry Red” leather with a very unique and modern stitching pattern. The very detailed perforation and stitching design can only be achieved with the use of the latest computer-controlled machines. Exquisite attention to detail can be seen everywhere. Contrast anthracite alcantara covers most surfaces that are not finished in the striking Berry Red Leather, this includes the complete headlining, A, B and C pillars and seat backs. Carbon fibre trim and finish is also featured inside and continues the “Sport” styling concept.

Overall, the enhancements by HOFELE really do drive the G-Wagon to an even higher level of prestige in this luxury segment, the combination of colours and the textures of the materials used compliment each other in a way rarely seen in this market.

Stuart Whitmore - CEO at HOFELE told us that this first vehicle is sold and that the owner did have design input and choice of the specification, and that the next two orders of the HOFELE HS Sport are already in build. For those who already own a current model G350d, G500 or G63 they can send their vehicles to HOFELE to be upgraded to the HOFELE HG Sport specification, or even to only have the patented full-length Electric Side Steps installed. 

HOFELE-Design GmbH has been in the automotive design & engineering business for over 30 years, brothers Michael and Martin Hofele have been involved in projects for many of Europe’s premium automotive brands. In 2018 HOFELE-Design GmbH was appointed by Mercedes-Benz AG as an authorised contractual partner for the enhancement and supply of Mercedes-Benz passenger cars. Today HOFELE work exclusively with the Mercedes-Benz brand.

Interestingly Stuart Whitmore also told us that the HG Sport is not the only new model from HOFELE based on the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon, a second model with a completely different design concept will be launched very soon. A remarkable feat considering that HOFELE have already this year released new models based on the Mercedes-Benz EQC and only last week showed details of its BESPOKE version of the Mercedes-Benz E 53 AMG Cabriolet.

All of these models were scheduled to be launched at the Geneva Motor Show which was cancelled due to the Coronavirus. When asked about the current situation, Stuart Whitmore said - “Now is obviously a very challenging time for our industry, for many of our clients and everyone globally, however interest in our vehicles and in the HOFELE brand has never been stronger. At this time HOFELE is investing heavily in our product range and in our design and engineering capabilities”.