Prosegue senza sosta l'allargamento della "famiglia Classe A". Ultima, in ordine di tempo, la CLA formato Shooting Brake declinata in versione AMG 35 4Matic. Una station wagon super sportiva, anche se Mercedes insiste molto sul più nobile concetto della shooting brake.

Fotogallery: Mercedes-AMG CLA 35 Shooting Brake

Il "solito" 2.0 turbo da 306 CV

Il cuore pulsante è lo stesso, ormai noto, che muove la Classe A AMG 35 4Matic. Confermati dunque anche i 306 CV e 400 Nm di coppia: scaricati sulle quattro ruote mediante un cambio a doppia frizione a 7 rapporti, permettono di bruciare lo 0-100 km/h in 4,9 secondi e di toccare i 250 km/h di velocità massima (autolimitata).

Il tutto, consumando in media 7,5-7,4 l/100 km, per emissioni di CO2 combinate 171-168 g/km (ciclo WLTP). 

Segni inequivocabili

Ciò che fa di una Mercedes una Mercedes-AMG lo si ritrova ovviamente anche qui: ecco dunque la mascherina del radiatore a lamella doppia, la grembialatura anteriore AMG Line dotata di flic attorno alle prese d’aria, splitter frontale e inserti decorativi sulle griglie delle prese d’aria esterne color cromo argentato. E poi ancora cerchi in lega da 18" a 5 doppie razze (a richiesta da 19") e i rivestimenti sottoporta dinamici.

Una volta aperte le portiere (prive di cornice attorno ai finestrini), si ritrovano i sedili avvolgenti con rivestimenti in pelle ecologica Artico e microfibra Dinamica nera con doppia cucitura decorativa rossa, completati dall’elemento decorativo centrale della plancia portastrumenti in microfibra Dinamica nera con profili rossi.

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The New Mercedes-AMG CLA 35 4MATIC Shooting Brake

Affalterbach. Already as the fifth model of the compact class offers the new CLA 35 4MATIC Shooting Brake (combined fuel consumption 7.5-7.4 l / 100 km; CO2 emissions combined 171-168 g / km) 1 another entry into the world of Mercedes-AMG. The five-door combines the powerful proportions of a sporty coupe with the Decide on functionality through the elongated roof, the large rear door, the wide loading opening and the variable interior. The High-torque and agile 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbo engine makes 225 kW (306 hp) via a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission and the AMG Performance 4MATIC four-wheel drive variable on front and rear axle be distributed. The sporty performance (acceleration 0-100 km / h in 4.9 seconds) are associated with an increased Space for luggage or sports and outdoor equipment.

"The new CLA 35 Shooting Brake is with its expressive design, the agile driving dynamics and the flexible cargo hold a delightful alternative for young customers who lead an active life with diverse leisure activities. With the Shooting Brake we offer these individualists entry into the fascinating world of AMG Driving Performance, based on their special Claims is tailor-made,” says Tobias Moers, chairman of Management of Mercedes-AMG GmbH.

The design with elongated bonnet including Powerdomes, wide molded wheel arches, slim waist, compact Greenhouse and wide-aft tail shows clear sports car genes. The AMG specific Radiator cover with double lamella and the AMG Line front apron with Flics around the air inlets as well as the front splitter and the inlays of the Slats on the outer air intakes in silver chrome are formative Characteristics of the 35er models and belong therefore also to the Identification of the Shooting Brake.

In the side view, the aerodynamically optimized 18-inch 5-twin-spoke light-alloy wheels (optional 19-inch) and the dynamically modeled side sill panels. Until the B-pillar is the outline of the frameless windows is identical to that of the coupe. The window line runs much higher, which is also the entry into the rear relieved and allows the larger cargo volume.

The rear view is from the rear apron with diffuser insert and four vertical fins, the AMG spoiler lip in body color on the roof spoiler and the two round tailpipe trims left and right dominated. The two-piece narrow taillights and the relocated to the bumper License plates make the rear look particularly wide.

Tailored options: design packages and large wheel selection

The entry into the world of Mercedes-AMG also means a large selection at individual wish equipment, with which each customer his Shooting Brake can personally tailor. To the options for the Exterior belong among other things

  • AMG Night package with design elements in black, such as the front splitter or the inserts in the Side skirts, as well as black chromed tailpipes
  • AMG aerodynamic package for optimized aerodynamic balance, including changed front splitter and flics in the outer Air inlets and spoiler lip in high gloss black on the. Roof spoiler. The measures increase the contact pressure and thus also the driving stability in the sporty border are 
  • 48.3 cm (19 ") AMG 5-twin-spoke light-alloy wheels, glossy black lacquered and glossy turned
  • 48.3 cm (19 ") AMG multi-spoke light-alloy wheels, glossy black lacquered and glossy turned
  • 48.3 cm (19 ") AMG multi-spoke light-alloy wheels, matte finish painted black, rim flange high-sheen

Sporty interior with characteristic features

Frameless doors open the way into an interior with high-tec  Ambience - Quality and elegance meet full-digital ads. Characteristic for the 35er models are sports seats with upholstery in Leather replica ARTICO and microfiber DINAMICA black with red Double stitched seam, complemented by the central decorative element of the Instrument carrier in microfibre DINAMICA black with red trim

Alternatively, there is a leather upholstery ARTICO nevagrau / black with double stitching medium gray and aluminum trim bright with longitudinal cuts available.

The AMG-specific center console in glossy black with standard touchpad includes additional switches that allow the 3-stage ESP®, the manual transmission mode and the optional adaptive Control damping AMG RIDE CONTROL. In combination with the optional leather package is the surround of the console in silver chrome executed.

The characteristic, sporty AMG ambience also underlines the Brushed stainless steel sports pedals with rubber knobs, floor mats in Black with AMG lettering and nubuck-edged bezel

Interior roof lining in black fabric and the AMG door sills in stainless steel brushed front with "AMG" lettering. 

MBUX infotainment system with AMG specific displays

The combination of sporty design and elaborate details is evident also with the MBUX infotainment system with its innovative operating and Display concept. MBUX creates an even closer connection between Vehicle, driver and passengers.

Emotional stagings underscore the comprehensibility of Operating structure and are characterized by brilliant 3D graphics in the highest resolution characterized. Optically, the two displays merge under one common cover glass to a widescreen cockpit and emphasize it as central element is the horizontal orientation of the interior design.

With the instrument cluster, the customer can choose between the three AMG display styles Change "Classic", "Sport" and "Supersport". Particularly striking is the "Supersport" mode with central, round tachometer and bar-shaped additional information, which is left and right of the Tachometers are located: they reach in perspective three-dimensionally up to the depth of the background to an artificial horizon. About the AMG Menu, the driver can call up various special displays:

  • Gear indicator - with yellow "M" symbol in manual mode
  • Warm-up menu - engine and transmission oil temperature
  • Set-Up Menu - AMG DYNAMIC SELECT settings
  • G-Meter - longitudinal and lateral acceleration forces
  • Race timer - stopwatch, lap and sector times
  • Engine data - power and torque, engine oil and transmission oil temperature
  • The touch screen multimedia display also emphasizes with individual AMG displays like the visualization of driving programs, AMG TRACK PACE and Telemetry data the dynamic alignment.

Operation without touch: the interior assistant

With the new, optional MBUX Interior Wizard you can select Functions of the infotainment system are operated without contact, and the Reading light on or off. The assistant distinguishes between driver and passenger interactions and recognizes certain Hand postures and hand movements. The interaction area for the MBUX Interior Assistant is located in front of the media display to the Center console, including touchpad between driver and front passenger.

The MBUX interior assistant recognizes an approach to different operating elements of the infotainment system. If you move the Hand in the direction of the touch screen, the operator's seat in the media Display enlarged. The right controls are automatic preselected. In the menu Radio and Media the MBUX reduces interior Assistant the number of operating steps.

In the Navigation menu, the system displays the navigation as soon as the hand is used in the direction of touch screen or touchpad, so directly a symbol is selected. When displaying the camera image, the MBUX allows Interior Assistant - as soon as you move your hand towards the touch screen - a direct display of the four camera icons of the 360-degree Camera. So directly the camera view front, back, right or left to be selected.

And of course there is also the groundbreaking voice control on board, the with the call "Hey Mercedes" is activated. MBUX recognizes and understands thanks to artificial intelligence almost all sentences from the infotainment areas and vehicle operation, even if they are made indirectly

New generation of steering wheel with optional steering wheel buttons This ensures the perfect connection between driver and vehicle Multifunction sports steering wheel in nappa leather with bottom flattened Steering wheel rim and perforated grip area and red contrasting stitching. The galvanized steering wheel shift paddles enable with manual Shifting even sportier driving.

The active distance assistant DISTRONIC and the TEMPOMAT are in the Control panels left set. The control panels on the right contain the Activation of voice control, the telephone and the regulation of Volume, track selection and other functions of the infotainment system.

Optionally, the AMG performance steering wheel is available in nappa leather or in leather Nappa / microfibre DINAMICA or in microfibre DINAMICA available. It is available with the innovative AMG steering wheel buttons (series with microfibre DINAMICA). These consist of a round knob with integrated Display below the right steering wheel spoke and two vertical positioned, colored display keys with switches below the left Steering wheel spoke.

The AMG driving programs are controlled directly via the rotary control. With  The two freely assignable display buttons and the additional switches can be operate additional AMG functions conveniently at the steering wheel. 

Individual optional extras for the interior

With numerous options, the interior of the CLA 35 4MATIC shooting Brake can be adapted to individual customer requirements. These include under others

  • Leather package and AMG leather package with 2-color padding, for Example classic red / black, as well as instrument panel in Leather reproduction ARTICO
  • AMG performance steering wheel in nappa leather
  • AMG Performance steering wheel in nappa leather / DINAMICA microfibre
  • AMG Performance steering wheel in microfibre DINAMICA incl. AMG steering wheel buttons
  • AMG door sills in brushed stainless steel with "AMG" lettering, illuminated
  • AMG Performance Seat Package
  • AMG Performance Seat Package Advanced
  • AMG Performance high-end seating package
  • Reinforced body shell with increased torsional rigidity

Targeted stiffening measures on the front of the body shell form the basis for the precise steering behavior as well as the lane and Sturzstabilität the suspension components even with forced use. A bolted aluminum lightweight panel under the engine - the so-called "Thrust field" - increases the torsional stiffness of the front end. Two additional diagonal braces at the front of the underbody also reduce the Twisting and increase the stiffness. This speaks the whole Suspension system also in the border area with high precision and gives a clear defined driver feedback.

New four-cylinder turbo engine with 225 kW (306 hp) power

The 2.0-liter turbo engine is based on the M 260 four-cylinder engine new A-class. Among the AMG-specific developments are the twin Scroll charging, the water intercooler and the self-running Air intake (clean air line). The sporty drive convinces with spontaneous response to accelerator pedal movements, high Pulling power (400 Nm max torque from 3,000 rpm), enormous Rotational joy and emotional engine sound. The crankcase made of high-strength and lightweight die-cast aluminum reduces vehicle weight driving dynamics decisive point.

The twin-scroll turbocharger combines optimal responsiveness with low speeds with high power increase at higher speeds. The housing of the twin-scroll turbocharger is in two parallel

Split flow channels. Together with two also separate Exhaust passages in the exhaust manifold allows this, the exhaust gases separately on the Run turbine wheel.

This results in a further advantage of the twin-scroll technology, which the mutual negative influence of the individual cylinders Charge change minimized. This reduces the exhaust back pressure, and the charge change and the engine efficiency are improved.

Numerous engine measures increase efficiency

Underline the high technological standards of the new four-cylinder engine also numerous measures to increase efficiency. These include the variable valve control CAMTRONIC, the intelligent thermal management for engine and oil, the high-precision injecting piezo injectors and the Multi-spark ignition. In the production reduces the patented CONICSHAPE® honing the cylinder the internal engine friction and increases thus also the efficiency. The Ottopartikelfilter is standard on board, the Emission classification is Euro 6d-Temp.

Agil translated: The AMG SPEEDSHIFT DCT 7G dual-clutch transmission

The AMG SPEEDSHIFT DCT also contributes to the agile and dynamic character 7G dual-clutch transmission at. The translations of the driving steps are like that chosen that the driver in all speed ranges a verye xperienced spontaneous acceleration behavior, combined with fast 

Switching times and optimal connections when upshifting. Who prefers himself the gears can change the manual gearbox mode in each Select driving program. About the short-term M-mode, this is lightning fast solely by operating the steering wheel shift paddles.

The standard RACE-START function allows the maximum

Acceleration from a standing position is a highly emotional experience. That is true also for the drive sound with partial ignition interruption Upshift and automatic downshift on downshift.

Variable four-wheel drive AMG Performance 4MATIC

Dynamics, agility and performance - these three terms characterize the standard four-wheel drive. The variable AMG Performance 4MATIC combines the best possible traction with lots of driving pleasure. According to the driving dynamics requirement, the torque distribution is infinitely variable. The spectrum ranges from pure front-wheel drive up to a ratio of 50 to 50 percent on front and rear axle.

The variable distribution of torque between the front and rear axles adopts a multi-disc clutch, which is integrated into the rear axle drive is. The regulation is electro-mechanical. Influencing factors for the Torque distribution are not just the driving speed, the lateral and Longitudinal acceleration and the steering angle, but also the Speed ​​difference between the individual wheels, the gear selection and the Accelerator pedal position.

The electro-mechanical control offers over an electrohydraulic System mainly benefits to the driving dynamics too Refine - primarily by the much more responsive and speed-independent operation of the slats over the entire Range.

The design of the four-wheel drive is dependent on the selected ESP® Mode: As long as the ESP® is activated, the 4MATIC system is in the "Comfort" mode. As soon as the driver presses "ESP® SPORT Handling" or "ESP® OFF" selects, switches the 4MATIC system in the "Sport" mode - for even more agile handling and a further upward shift Limit.

The 3-stage ESP® allows individual control strategies in SPORT 

HANDLING MODE higher drift angles for a sporty driving style before the System intervenes. When turning in, the Shooting Brake responds Brake intervention on the inside rear wheel even more agile - depending on the selected AMG DYNAMICS mode or driving program

Five driving programs: large spread of vehicle characteristics

The five AMG DYNAMIC SELECT driving programs "Smoothness", "Comfort", “Sport", "Sport +" and "Individual" allow a wide spread of Vehicle characteristics from comfortable to dynamic. It will be changed many relevant parameters.

  • Drive: accelerator characteristic, switching times and times, sound and Sound functions in the versions Reduced, Moderate, Sport, Dynamic
  • Transmission: automatic or manual
  • AMG DYNAMICS: Agilization functions such as four-wheel drive, Steering characteristic and ESP® additional functions in the versions Basic or Advanced
  • Chassis (with optional AMG RIDE CONTROL suspension): in the Values Comfort, Sport, Sport +
  • The individual driving programs offer an individual driving experience, precise tailored to different driving conditions and driver requirements.
  • The "Smoothness" driving program is ideal for slippery and icy conditions Road pavement tuned, with reduced
  • Power input and flat torque curve. sanded Gear changes and earlier upshifts support the stability-oriented driving impression. 
  • The program "Comfort" stands for comfortable and Consumption-optimized driving, among other things by very early Upshift. Chassis and steering are adjusted to comfort. Besides, the ECO start-stop function is active here.
  • Sport "and" Sport + "are characterized by agility and driving pleasure with page 10 sporty tuning of engine and transmission. The sound of the Turbo engine becomes more distinctive. "Sport +" is with intermediate throttle at Downshift and the partial blanking of the cylinder over a short-term and exactly defined withdrawal of ignition and Injection at full load especially emotional.
  • The "Individual" driving program gives the opportunity to the individual To select parameters according to personal preference and save. It also says here in the drive settings "Reduced" and "Moderate" also the sailing function available.

AMG DYNAMICS: more agility with high stability 

As a new feature within the AMG DYNAMIC SELECT driving programs The new CLA 35 4MATIC Shooting Brake features AMG DYNAMICS. These Integrated vehicle dynamics control extends the stabilizing functions of the ESP® for agile interventions according to the driver's wishes. With dynamic Cornering causes a short brake intervention on the inside rear wheel a defined yaw moment about the vertical axis for spontaneous and precise Relent.

The different characteristics of AMG DYNAMICS in the ‘35s Models are labeled with the terms "Basic" and "Advanced". On the multimedia display will be the new one when selecting the driving programs AMG DYNAMICS symbol with the appropriate addition displayed.

  • "Basic" is assigned to the "Smoothness" and "Comfort" driving programs.
  • The Shooting Brake shows a very stable handling high yaw damping.
  • "Advanced" is activated in the programs "Sport" and "Sport +".

The Shooting Brake remains neutral. The lower one Yaw damping, less steering angle requirements and increased agility support dynamic maneuvers such as driving on winding country roads.

In the "Individual" driving program, the driver can ride the AMG DYNAMICS steps set individually yourself.

Suspension with specific components

The layout of the AMG suspension with specific spring / damper elements forms the basis for the stable directional stability and the highly dynamic Cornering with low tendency to roll. Longitudinal and lateral dynamics are perfectly coordinated. All Radführungsbauteile we Completely revised to provide a higher maximum lateral acceleration at the same time to achieve easier controllability in the border area.

At the front comes a McPherson strut construction Commitment. The wheel guide each assume a wishbone below the Wheel center, a strut and a tie rod. The special axle geometry reduces the driving influences on the steering - for high comfort and agile handling. The new aluminum control arm reduces the unsprung masses and thus allows a more sensitive response of the Suspension. The AMG-specific front-axle leg has a radial

bolted caliper - a technology from motorsport. The Subframe is rigidly connected and thus stiffened the front end additionally.

The 4-link rear axle is rigid via a rear axle and thus particularly torsionally rigid connected to the body. Pro rear wheel gives There are three transverse and one trailing arm and specific bearings. This construction guarantees maximum driving stability and agility.

Adaptive damping AMG RIDE CONTROL with three modes

With the optional adaptive damping AMG RIDE CONTROL, the Select driver between three different suspension controls. The spectrum ranges from comfort-oriented to sporty-oriented. The system works fully automatic and adjusts the damping force depending on the driving situation on each wheel the road and driving condition. This happens infinitely in milliseconds

in a widely spread damping map. The result: Abrollkomfort and Agility is increased equally.

Stable high-performance brake system

The high-performance brake system ensures stable deceleration and short Braking distances. At the front axle are four-piston monobloc Fixed calipers the 350 millimeter brake discs, on the rear axle.

1-piston calipers the 330 millimeter brake discs. The discs are vented and perforated inside to better dissipate the heat and To prevent brake fade even in extreme use. The silver painted Brake calipers carry a black AMG logo.

Steering with special rack and variable ratio

The speed-dependent, electro-mechanical sport-parameter steering supports a sporty driving style with its direct response. you has a special variable ratio rack and two Characteristics: Depending on which driving program the driver has chosen, It conveys a sporty, taut or more comfortable steering feel. The rigid bearing in the integral carrier binds the steering even better to the Body and increases the steering precision.

AMG exhaust system with exhaust flap for sound modulation

The exhaust system has a standard exhaust flap, which depends on Speed and load are controlled automatically. Depending on the selected Driving program it modulates the sound of balanced-discreet (in the Programs smoothness, comfort and sports) to emotionally-athletic (in Sport +) 

Data logger for use on the race track: AMG TRACK PACE

Optionally, AMG TRACK PACE is also available. The virtual race engineer is Part of the MBUX infotainment system and recorded while driving permanently more than 80 vehicle-specific data (e.g. Speed, acceleration). In addition there are the announcement of rounds and Sector times and the difference to the reference time. Because certain Indicator elements in green or red light up, the driver can get out of the Eye angle without reading numbers, whether it is currently faster or faster slower than the best time.

Following the fast laps the driver can be on the basis of the data Analyze driving skills and improve them if necessary. In addition, you can Acceleration and deceleration values ​​(e.g., 0-100 km / h, ¼ mile, 100-0 km / h) and save. Thanks to a newly developed algorithm, the determines the vehicle position as accurately as possible, recognizes AMG TRACK PACE even if the route is left or shortened.

In addition to the GPS data, the existing sensors in the vehicle (Acceleration, gyroscope, steering angle, wheel speeds) used. 

The data is displayed in the multimedia display, the instrument cluster and the optional head-up display. Well-known racetracks such as Example of the Nürburgring or Spa-Francorchamps are already deposited. It is also possible to record your own routes. The Map display can be switched from 2D to 3D and online To update.

The augmented reality feature of MBUX also allows that on the multimedia display or the optional head-up display the ideal line a stored racetrack is displayed so that the driver as with a virtual instructor can improve his lap times.